Covid 19’s Impact on 2022 International Teaching Jobs

How is Covid19 going to impacted the 2022 International School Teaching job market?  If you are considering a new international school job in 2022 we remain optimistic that it will be a good year for job seekers.  We anticipate a large number of teaching vacancies and international school jobs in 2022.

High Turnover Anticipated For 2022

It’s been a difficult year for workers around the world, regardless of where or what industry you work in.  Without taking away from the challenges faced by anyone or suggesting that teachers have it any harder or easier than others, it’s safe to say that international teachers have had a tough year / year and a half.  This difficult past year is expected to drive high turnover among international teachers in 2022.  School leaders and administrators have indicated that they expect a large number of teachers will choose to return home and/or change jobs in 2022 versus renewing their current contracts.

Living in a strange country, thousands of miles from home and loved ones is stressful at the best of times.  Covid19 lockdowns, travel restrictions, quarantine requirements plus the increased cost of travel and general uncertainty about the pandemic has resulted in teachers and their families being unable to take annual vacations and/or to visit loved ones.  For most expat teachers, the chance to reconnect with family and friends regularly is critical to their ongoing happiness and job satisfaction overseas.  2022 will see many teachers opting to return to their home country, creating increased demand for replacement teachers.


Apply early and stay on top of your application.  Everything is taking longer these days.  Schools are taking longer to determine their teaching needs. Visa and immigration approvals take more time.  Flights are uncertain and quarantines need to be taken into account.  Start early and stay organized.

Demand For Tech Savvy Teachers:

It’s never been more clear that international schools need to hire flexible and adaptable teachers. The mass migration to online learning has been a shock to students, teachers, parents and administrators alike. Moving forward, a willingness to learn and adapt to online learning applications is a skill international schools will expect from their teachers.

Make sure you have updated your Google Classroom certification and have a portfolio of online resources (usual suspects include Flipgrid, edpuzzle, Khan Academy etc). We also foresee an immediate increase in the demand for international teaching jobs in ICT / Computers.

Teachers, no matter the subject, who can demonstrate a high level of computer competency will continue to be highly sought. More than ever, schools will focus their interview questions on how the candidate adapted to online teaching. Teachers should expect and prepare for interview questions that relate directly to the new skills and applications they mastered during the Covid19 pandemic.

Growing Demand For Recent Graduates:

It’s been our experience at Byron Recruitment that younger, recent B.Ed or PGCE graduates have, on average, been able to adjust more easily to the new world of online teaching. Feedback from administrators and teachers themselves illustrates this. Educators who have grown up in the social media age seem ‘more at home’ using video and chat applications. They tend to be more comfortable using peer sharing software. The ‘netiquette’ that goes along with using online communication tools is second nature to younger teachers.

We forecast that there will be an increase in roles for newly qualified teachers. Schools will come to recognize that teachers, recently out of university, have the awareness and understanding needed to work effectively with the ‘new tools for 21st Century teaching’. They have more to offer schools than previously recognized. We are seeing teachers with one or two years of classroom experience taking a lead in this transition online. Today, they are the ones providing support and encouragement to their peers with 20+ years’ experience.

The Bad News:

While new international teaching jobs are being advertised and filled around the world, Covid19 has resulted in complicated travel logistics and new immigration / documentation requirements. Combined with the necessary self or government quarantine upon arrival, teachers can expect the whole process (from job offer to meeting your new students) to take much longer than in the past.

Understanding the long lead times needed for schools to confirm your employment details and immigration process is very important at the moment. We continue to hear about vaccine passports as an eventuality for those wanting to board plans and cross boarders. But which airlines and countries will adopt this approach and how will it be rolled out?

Schools have lots of questions but few answers at the moment. How many teachers on staff will decide not to return to work in September or January? Will teachers decide that they are no longer comfortable leaving their homes for a job in a far off country?

What will student enrollment numbers look like in 2022 and how will that impact the number of international teaching jobs available? While interviews continue and school administrators continue to line up great teachers, there remains much uncertainty on both sides.

Recommendations For Teachers:

We continue to tell educators that there will be international teaching jobs in 2022. International travel will be possible with a little extra attention to visa and immigration requirements. Watch for updated best practices and SOPs (standard operating procedures) regarding international travel and plan accordingly. Before you commit to your destination, research how Covid 19 is being handled in the country.  Make sure you feel comfortable about relocating before you sign the contract.

Apply Now for 2022 International Teaching Jobs:

In one respect, this is an ideal time in your search for that dream job. Many of us are stuck at home 24/7 these days so why not use the time productively? Work on your teaching CV and practice your interviewing skills. Set yourself a goal of working 30 to 60 minutes per day on finding a new teaching job. Click here to learn more about the international school recruiting cycle and when the ideal time to apply is.

Consider Staying Local:

During the pandemic more schools are looking for teachers already based in the same country where the school is located. In some countries, schools are finding it difficult to gain entry for teachers based outside their borders.  They want to hire suitably qualified candidates already in-country. If you are looking to travel, just remember that visas are harder to obtain and travel restrictions are unpredictable.  If you can find work within your current country, there is no Gov. Quarantine or international flights required and schools may see that as a benefit over a teacher based overseas.

Stay Engaged:

Maintain communication with schools that show interest in you and seem keen to hire you. Be mindful that they may be unable to move forward with an actual offer due to the uncertainty of the moment. While you may not like the current situation, be sure you demonstrate understanding, flexibility and patience at all times. Continue to articulate you interest and keep your application top of mind with regular communication and engagement.

Be Ready:

As a first step, have all the necessary documents for a visa application ready to go. When contracts and visa processing resumes, ensure that none of the delays are originating at your end. Send all documents off in the format requested and in a timely manner. Use the time you have now to ensure all your documents are in order.

Make A Plan:

Prepare as much as possible in advance. Moving to a new country requires lots of organization and planning. Make lists and an action plan for when you are ready to leave. Now more than ever the time between receiving the official confirmation and actually leaving for your job, will be tight. Organize as much as possible ahead of time. ‘Hurry up and wait’ seems appropriate – you may find that this year more than ever there will be an expectation that you move quickly once your visa has been granted. Take timely advantage of any ‘window of opportunity’ to fly and travel as we’ve seen travel restrictions change overnight.

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