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Maple Leaf Educational Systems


19 cities around China

No. of students:

total of 33,000 students in the entire system; as many as 2,000 on each campus

Grade levels:

Preschool-Grade 12


Combination of Chinese and British Columbia Curriculum

Year founded:


About Maple Leaf Educational Systems:

The original Maple Leaf School was founded in Dalian in 1995 and was accredited by the Ministry of Education in British Columbia so that every graduate receives a BC Certificate of Graduation. Built on a combination of Western and Chinese educational philosophies, every school in the system has a large, modern campus.

Each campus includes classroom teaching spaces, laboratories, special purpose rooms, dance studios, auditoriums, gymnasiums, large outdoor playing courts and fields, student dormitories, cafeterias, administrative offices and staff apartments.

Most campuses are located just outside the city or in new development areas to accommodate their large size.

About the staff and students:

Its founder, Dr Sherman Jen, is a Chinese entrepreneur who spent many years in Vancouver, Canada. He decided to found the school because he was so impressed by the Canadian school system.  The Superintendent of Schools is Dr Peter Froese, who has over thirty years of experience in the Canadian education system.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems attracts many Canadian teachers and principals who are already certified and familiar with the BC curriculum. Teaching at Maple Leaf Educational Systems is a great opportunity for newly qualified Canadian teachers looking to gain experience in the classroom and with a BC curriculum. Many internationally qualified teachers from countries like the US, Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa also choose Maple Leaf Educational Systems because they have the opportunity to obtain their BC Teaching licence – recognized and valued at international schools around the world.

The majority of students are Chinese, although some campuses (Dalian, Yiwu, Wuhan) have Foreign Nationals Schools with an all-English BC certified curriculum. At all schools, grades 10-12 follow the BC high school curriculum, and these students are highly motivated to study at universities abroad. Lower grades use the national Chinese curriculum with some English classes included.

Teacher Benefits at Maple Leaf Educational Systems:

There are many reasons to choose Maple Leaf Educational Systems. Teachers work with an experienced team of educators and use the BC curriculum (for high school). Maple Leaf Educational Systems is China’s largest international school group and it’s publicly traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange. It has great facilities and resources at their purpose build campuses. With over 78 schools across China, there is always room for career advancement and professional growth.

  • CAD $50,000 – $70,000 per year
  • Round-trip Airfare
  • Subsidized international school tuition for accompanying children
  • Premium health insurance
  • Settling-in allowances
  • Professional development

Location advantages:

China is a vast country, and in different regions, you can expect different experiences. In the south, enjoy warm weather and ease of travel to places around South East Asia. In the north-east, you have easy access to Beijing, the Great Wall and other cultural sites. In the centre, see the giant pandas and enjoy the beauty of nature. And in the west, you’re near the stunning Himalayas and Tibet. It’s easy to travel around China by train. Even overnight journeys are comfortable in sleeper cars.

Most cities have good public transportation, and taxis are also affordable. Western-style hypermarkets are common, so you can get most anything you would have back home.

Chinese cuisine varies by region; wherever you go, there are many new dishes to try. In big cities, Western food and other Asian cuisine is also widely available.

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