Step by Step Guide to Malaysia’s Covid19 Arrival and Quarantine Procedures

In early September 2020, an Irish Primary Teacher made her way to Kuala Lumpur to start her new teaching job with one of Malaysia’s Top International Schools. On arrival, she was among the first batch of ‘Expatriate Teacher Visa Holders’, to go through Malaysia’s Covid19 Arrival and Quarantine Procedures. What follows is an overview of Malaysia’s Covid19 Arrival and Quarantine Procedures based on her successful experience.

Please note that the information contained here is a moment in time. Government agencies will continue to react and adjust to current Covid19 developments, and we can expect additional updates and possible changes to this process moving forward. We will do our best to keep this blog and others updated with current information, but it’s important you liaise closely with your employer to ensure you are meeting the most recent visa and immigration requirements.

Malaysia’s Covid19 Arrival and Quarantine Procedures

As per the recent update from the Malaysian authorities, all expats arriving in Malaysia from 24 July, 2020 onward, are required to quarantine for 14-days at the Government Quarantine Centre / Hotel.

Before Departing from your Current Base

  1. Print out the approval letter, together with your contract / employment agreement and bring them with you when travelling to Malaysia. We suggest travelling with multiple copies, placing one set in your carry on and another in your checked bags, just to be safe.
    • Be sure to double check the list of documents and permits required at the time of travel. Check with your school’s HR Department prior to departure. Requirements change and evolve quickly. Make sure you have what you need.
  2. Get a Covid-19 test 3 days prior to your departure date. Please bring the test result when you travel. This is not compulsory, it is depends on the airline policy.
  3. Download the app ‘MySejahtera’ and fill up all the required information before you arrive in Malaysia.

Arriving at KLIA / Malaysia Airport

  1. Present ‘forms and documents’ to Malaysian Authorities
    • LOU (Letter of Understanding or Offer Letter / Employment Contract, etc.)
    • Copy of Boarding Pass
  2. MOH (Ministry of Health) will conduct health screening and inspection at the International Arriving Gate
    • Present the test result to officer from Ministry of Health (MOH) / Immigration.
    • In the event you show any symptoms, MOH will conduct another Covid-19 test and you will need to wait until the result is returned before you can proceed to the Immigration counter.
    • If the Covid-19 test result is positive, you will be referred to the nearest hospital. If the Covid-19 test is negative, you may proceed to the Immigration and Custom counter.
  3. You will be fitted with a ‘wristband’ that must be worn throughout Malaysia’s Covid19 Arrival and Quarantine Procedures.
  4. Check in with ‘MySejahtera’ App
  5. Buy a Malaysian SIM Card so you have data access while in quarantine.

Immigration & Custom Counter

  1. You will be required to check in at the Immigration counter following normal arrival procedure.
    • You will be asked to wait to be called to the immigration desk where you will present all of your documents, passport and approvals once again.

Transportation to the Quarantine Centre / Station

  1. Authorities will arrange transportation to the quarantine center,
  2. You are responsible for your own luggage,
  3. Be sure to have your flight number and your seat number on hand for easy reference.

Arrival at the Hotel / Quarantine Centre

  1. Wait to be asked to leave the bus and then proceed to register yourself at the hotel counter.
  2. Pay deposit or pay full amount to the hotel. Keep your receipts if your school plans to reimburse these charges.

Government Quarantine Hotels

  1. Pack specifically for 14-days of strict quarantine.
  2. Food will be provided 3 times a day.
  3. You should plan to do your own laundry in the hotel bathtub. It appears most hotels are offering laundry services at this time.
  4. You are not to leave your room during the course of the 14 days.
  5. Follow all the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and directions from the MOH Officer on duty.

Check Out Process

  1. Upon completion of your quarantine period, you are required to do a Covid-19 Antigen Test (blood test) and remove your ‘wristband’.
  2. Once you have completed Malaysia’s Covid19 Arrival and Quarantine Procedures, you can checkout and pay any outstanding bills. Please make sure to keep the receipt for reimbursement purposes.
  3. Most of Byron Recruitment’s International School clients are arranging for transportation from the hotel to your new living arrangements.

Bring sufficient cash in Malaysian currency (MYR) or a credit card when you travel to Malaysia. While you will have limited opportunity to do any shopping at the airport or while in quarantine, there will be expenses that you will have to pay.

Please note that Malaysia’s Covid19 Arrival and Quarantine Procedures are subject to change at anytime. This is meant to act as a guide only. Please seek out specific instructions from your school’s HR department prior to your departure.

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