Why Teach With Maple Leaf International Schools in China?

Established in Dalia, China in 1995, Maple Leaf International Schools was certified by the Ministry of Education as a British Columbia (BC), Canada, offshore school in 1998.  Since then, Maple Leaf has been incorporated as Maple Leaf Educational Services (MLES) and listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.  Now MLES is China’s largest international school group and includes 78 schools primary to secondary across 19 cities in China as well as 2 international schools based in British Columbia.

A Great Place For Teachers

Whether you are a new teacher just starting your career or an experienced teacher looking for a new adventure, MLES is a great place to teach.  Maple Leaf International Schools blend a western style education system based on BC’s curriculum with China’s rich traditions and culture.  This dual approach to education, combined with new resources and modern school infrastructure, creates a unique learning environment where students and teachers can thrive.

Teachers looking for career advancement and leadership opportunities find Maple Leaf International Schools to be a receptive environment where professional development is encouraged and supported.  With it’s large educational footprint in China, MLES is able to provide teachers with a direct path to leadership and administration opportunities.

New teachers, recently accredited, looking to gain valuable in class experience are welcomed at MLES.  While many recent graduates are struggling to obtain full time jobs with their provincial / state Ministry of Education, others have found full time employment in China with Maple Leaf International Schools.  Launching your career with MLES provides opportunities to gain the experience needed for the next step in your career; allowing you to learn from your colleagues, develop your practice and gain confidence.

Students and their families often choose Maple Leaf International Schools as a stepping stone to furthering their education overseas.  With a BC certificate of graduation earned, close to 100% of MLES’ graduating students go on to attend an international institution of higher learning.  Students are respectful, motivated and eager to excel academically.

A Great Place For Your Family

Living and working in China is an amazing cultural experience.  The sights, sounds and tastes of China will create unforgettable memories you’ll cherish forever.  The travel options are incredible; from exploring bustling modern cities like Shanghai to long walks on isolated parts of The Great Wall outside of Beijing, visiting Giant Pandas in Chengdu and seeing The Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an.  Children and adults alike will be in awe of all the amazing things to do in China.

A Maple Leaf education is an ideal place for your child to learn and grow.  Parents can send their children to Maple Leaf International Schools and have confidence in the fact that they will receive a BC certified education recognized and accepted by universities around the world.

China’s low cost of living combined with a competitive compensation package allows teaches to save money while working with MLES.  Many teachers are able to pay off loans and save for the future while also travelling and exploring the region.  Teachers are able to experience a fulfilling career and a standard of living not easily attained as a teacher back in their home country.

Salaries and Benefits

MLES offers salaries that range from $50,500 to $70,000 CAD depending on qualifications and years of experience.  Annual increases and incentive bonuses through MLES’ employee stock option program are available.  Additional benefits include annual round trip airfares, subsidized international school tuition for dependents, professional development opportunities, premium health insurance, settling in allowances and visa / work permit assistance and support.

How to Apply

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