Byron Recruitment is partnering with HireHive

We are excited to announce that Byron Recruitment is partnering with HireHive Recruitment Software to help you recruit the best teachers for your school. We want to introduce your school to HireHive so you can take control of your recruiting needs and activities while also saving you and your school time, energy and money.

What is HireHive?

In a nutshell, HireHive helps companies manage their recruitment in one place, from creating and promoting a job on different platforms to managing candidates through a clear and customizable pipeline. It is a tool used by companies and schools all over the world, of all sizes and from all industries.

We’ve been using HireHive Recruitment Software at Byron Recruitment since the day we launched our business. They’ve been a trusted and reliable partner ever since.

How HireHive’s been helping us?

“It’s the first thing I open each morning when I want to check on how many applicants have applied to jobs overnight. It’s where I go to create and post new teaching jobs for international schools across Asia and it’s how we keep track of each individual applicant’s progress from initial interest to physically starting their new job”, says Jeff Baggs, Managing Director of Byron Recruitment.

For us at Byron Recruitment, HireHive is our one-stop shop for everything related to recruitment: it lets us review CVs and any other documents we might require from applicants such as degrees, transcripts, teaching licenses… It also allows us to rate each new applicant for suitability.  We can share top candidates’ profiles with team members and to manage all applicant communication in one place.

HireHive acts as our candidate database and our interview scheduler.  It automatically posts our jobs on top-rated job boards all over the world and on our social media platforms. In addition, HireHive is helping us stay up to date on best practices in the recruiting field and ensure our business is compliant with EU privacy regulations.


Recruiting Teachers, Made Easy

Here’s what you can do with HireHive:

Manage your recruitment in one place.

Get the right candidate for your school.  Post jobs to specialised and major job boards, social media and manage all your hiring in one place.

 Post your jobs

Connect HireHive with your website and post jobs automatically to job boards or to your social channels

 Manage your pipeline

Interview and assess the best applicants for your teaching jobs and create a database of candidates for future requirements.  Build your pipeline of quality applicants by leveraging your current teaching staff and launching an Employee Referral Program.

 Make better hiring decisions

With our in-depth reporting, you can make informed hiring decisions based on real data.

Join us and the numerous schools across the world already recruiting with HireHive and start receiving applications now!

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