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Who we are:

Byron Recruitment is for international schools and teachers.  We connect quality teachers with Asia’s best international teaching jobs and international schools.  We find you great international teaching jobs around the world. Our story is about finding ways to combine our passion, life experiences and professional background into a rewarding job that focuses on helping teachers do the same.  

Why we are:

Figure out what you love to do and then turn that into your career.  That’s a bit of advice I’ve heard over and over again while I was in university.  I’ve often wondered, what does that mean, and how do I apply it to my life?

20 years later, I’ve finally figured it out.  Combining a career helping people find great international teaching jobs with my love for travel and adventure.  I’m launching Byron Recruitment so I can help like minded teachers leverage their training and experience in order to see the world.  All the while also helping students succeed in the classroom and beyond.

How we got here:

After university, I decided to take some time off before starting my career.  I did what so many people in their twenties do, I went backpacking.  I met my amazing wife on that trip and it changed the direction of my life in many wonderful ways.  After working and travelling through Southeast Asia and parts of Europe, we returned to Canada where I started a successful career in sales management and recruiting.  But I knew all along that it was not a job that truly made me happy. I enjoyed certain aspects; mentoring and guiding new hires, giving ambitious and passionate recruits an opportunity to succeed, building a quality team and helping people attain their personal and professional goals.  But at the end of the day I dreamed of far off places; interesting cuisine, beautiful sights, different cultures and new adventures.

Where we’ve been:

As usual, my wife had it all figured out long before I did.  She knew she wanted a career that combines her passion for travel and adventure with her love of languages and aptitude for teaching.  So she qualified as a secondary teacher and sought out international teaching opportunities whenever our lives and my corporate career allowed.  We spent the next 20 years exploring, often following teaching opportunities, both short-term and long-term, to new and wonderful destinations. While living and visiting overseas we met many incredible people – teachers, students, administrators, follow travelers and local residents.  Many have become lifelong friends while our network of educational specialists has grown around the world.

What we offer:

Over the years many teachers have said to us, ‘I wish I could travel and work overseas like you two have’ or ‘It’s too big of a challenge to tackle alone.’  They’ve told us; ‘Where do I find great international teaching jobs?’ and asked ‘How do I find the right international teaching job for me?’ or ‘What do I need to do before I leave and once I arrive in a new country?’

I started Byron Recruitment, with the help of my partner in Ireland, to help others experience the opportunities and lifestyle my wife and I have come to love.  Our mission in Asia is to create lasting relationships with both teachers and educational institutions.  Our focus is on transparency, honesty and trust while striving to facilitate long-term matches that benefit all parties.  I invite you to join our network of teachers and schools and look forward to assisting you to find the right international teaching job for you.


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Jeff Baggs

Managing Director, Byron Recruitment


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