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St Paul’s Girls’ School enjoys an exceptional national and international reputation for scholarship and academic ambition, encouraging its students to be leaders in a huge variety of fields. With 788 girls aged between 11 and 18, the
school chooses not to be measured by its exam results although these results are consistently stellar. Children explore ideas well beyond the curriculum and enjoy the pleasure of learning for its own sake in this vibrant and inspirational
atmosphere. Independence of mind is much valued.


SPGS International School Chengdu is the first international school opened as a result of a partnership between SPGS International and Herald Education Hong Kong.

They will commence with primary provision and then grow over the coming years to become a full K-12 school. Based in the thriving Hi-Tech District in Chengdu, the school is well located to ensure a great work/life balance.

SPGS International school Chengdu will advocate a growth mindset to create future global leaders and valued citizens by blending the core ethos and DNA from St Paul’s Girls’ School in London with Chinese culture. To this end, the school will create a space for children to learn, grow and thrive physically, emotionally and academically. In addition, each child will have exceptional learning experiences and support to achieve their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.

Independence and individuality is encouraged within the school campus. A list of rich extra-curricular activities will ensure that pupils are given every possible opportunity to develop a broad and rounded education. The creative arts
are an integral part of the curriculum with a performing arts centre and art gallery on the campus. Benefitting from St Paul’s Girls’ School’s own music strengths, where composer Gustav Holst was the first Director of Music and Composer in Residence; SPGS International School Chengdu will advocate music as a core value to their pupils. The school will also encourage children to develop leadership skills through their learning and extra-curricular activities. They will take advantage of being situated in areas with highly developed technical opportunities. This will ensure that creativity and innovation are able to thrive within the school’s educational provision.


As an international school in China, we value both Chinese and English culture. We tailor our curriculum with the educational resources in Chengdu, which aims to broaden and deepen pupils’ appreciation of culture and nature.

We adopt an immersion learning approach. Each class will be taught by a British teacher and a Chinese teacher.

We also understand the importance of teachers’ planning time in the quality of education. So teachers will be allocated extra time to plan lessons collaboratively with Chinese co-teachers and other teachers. Finally, we aim to build a culture in which all teachers are inspired to teach and enjoy teaching.

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