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Does your teacher’s CV that works with recruiting software?  Many schools and most recruiters are using Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and CV parsing technology in order to quickly capture key data from your teacher’s CV.  It can create a summary profile of your experience and qualifications for quick and easy reference.  Ensuring your teacher’s CV is presented in such a way as to make it easy to parse will make the process of assessing your suitability for a role easier for the recruiter.  The ATS will highlight skills. qualifications and experience from your CV and match those against key words from the job description.  That will bring attention to your teacher’s CV which will lead to more interviews and ultimately more offers.

CV Parsing Rules

  • Your CV should be either a Word or PDF format,
    • some ATS’ prefer a PDF format while older ATS’ work better with a word document. 
    • I prefer PDF because it locks the structure and layout in place.
  • Structure is really important:
    • Make sure your name is at the top of the CV and written on one line,
    • Information such as address, email, LinkedIn profiles and phone number are clearly displayed, each on a different line
    • It is important to have different sections for different parts of your Teacher’s CV, with a clear heading
      • Use the heading feature in your word processor,
      • Don’t mix two heading as one ‘Education and Professional Development’ – this confuses the parsing tool.  Separate these headings into two, ‘Education’ and ‘Professional Development’.
    • Avoid tables and column formatting layouts – parsing tools can’t interpret this style very well,
    • Avoid listing multiple positions under one school.  List each position separately, under the school name each time,
    • Use start and end dates for each job, spell them out rather than using numbers format
  • Tailor your CV to each job description.  Use the jargon and key words from the job description because this is the language the parsing tool is going to be looking for.

Test your Teacher’s CV to see how it will be parsed by an ATS here – Resumewords.net – ATS Resume Teast

Candidate Summary

Most ATS’ will parse your Teacher’s CV and create a ‘Candidate Summary or ‘Candidate Profile’ for you.  This ‘profile’ will allow the recruiter to quickly scan a predetermined form that will include basic details about you, your education, qualifications and your experience.  Most ATS’ will generate and highlight a set of key words picked up from your Teacher’s CV that match the job description in question.  Some ATS’ will reject candidates based on matching or not matching a key word search.

Links to your social channels will likely be highlighted so a recruiter can easily jump to your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook profiles.

Recruiters will scan the ‘Candidate Profile’ and then decide if they will review your Teacher’s CV and Cover Letter in more detail.  Click here to learn more about how to Build a Better Teacher’s CV or write an Effective Cover Letter.

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