Finding A Teaching Job Abroad

Finding and securing a teaching job with an International School similar to getting a job anywhere. It takes effort and hard work. It’s not easy to simply find a teaching job abroad that suits your qualifications and experience. Finding it in your target country or region with a start date that suits your timetable is even more difficult. Then you have to convince the school you are the right teacher for the job! Most often to find a teaching job abroad that you’re qualified for comes down to applying for the right job at the right time.

How to Find a Teaching Job Abroad – A Few Tips:

Keep looking! 

Make a habit of looking online every day for new teaching opportunities. Treat finding a teaching job like work. Dedicate time each day to search online for new teaching vacancies in the countries and at the school(s) you have identified as targets. Set a google alert, bookmark websites that focus on teaching jobs. Nothing is more disappointing than finding the perfect job weeks after it was posted, applying for it and learning that the role was filled only a day or two before. Stay on top of it.

Teaching Qualifications:

If you really want to find a teaching job abroad then apply for jobs that match your level of qualifications and experience. Some Language School jobs require only a TEFL certificate. A CELTA / DELTA are great if you are applying to a Cambridge curriculum school. A university degree and/or masters in TEFL, will allow you to teach and earn more in a college or university. Most International School jobs require Professional Teaching Qualifications like a B.Ed or PGCE and a valid state or provincial teaching license from your home country.


To find a teaching job abroad you have to understand the hiring cycle for the region and school(s) you are targeting. Most teachers are hired at the start of the school year or semester. Hiring international teachers takes time. You have to advertise the role. Then screen and interview candidates. Then you can offer and formalize a contract before finally applying for the necessary working visa. All of this can take months. So schools start looking to fill potential vacancies 6 – 8 months ahead of time. This is when the best jobs are being filled. As you get closer to the start date, the number and often the quality of the jobs decrease. Start your search early!

Tailor you CV:

Your CV should be updated and tailored for every job you apply for. Having a standard CV that you work from it great. But it’s important you tweak it to suit the specific needs of the job and location you are applying.

All too often I see a CV that starts by saying, ‘I would be honored to join your organization’. This tells me immediately that this is a standard CV. Has the candidate even taken a moment to consider if this is the right fit for them? I’d much rather see ‘I believe my qualifications as an English Teacher and my xx years experience teaching internationally have prepared me to be an ideal candidate for the Grade 7 English ESL role at XXX International School’. Be specific and demonstrate intent. At the very least this tells the school or recruiter that you’ve put some thought and effort into your application.

When you find a teaching abroad at an international school it can be a very rewarding experience. Expect to work hard. Arrive with the intention of continuing to learn and grow as an educator. Be open to experiencing a new culture and welcome new friendships that will last a your lifetime. You’ll love the experience and make a difference in the lives of your students at the same time.

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