Why Do Schools Use Byron for International Teacher Recruiting?

International Teacher Recruiting is a difficult and time consuming process. Hiring a reputable recruiter makes this process faster and easier. It helps to ensure that you get the ideal teacher for your school in a timely and affordable manner.

Schools around the world are reporting that international teacher recruitment is becoming more and more challenging.  International teacher recruiting has become a year round activity for many schools and school groups.  Most schools simply don’t have the scope or time to dedicate the leadership resources necessary to attract, engage, screen, interview, hire and pre-board quality teachers. These are just some of the most important actions one must consider when focusing on international teacher recruiting.

At Byron Recruitment, we divide international teacher recruiting and the candidate experience into a three-step process – Recruiting, Pre-Boarding and On-Boarding. We fully support the candidate and the school through the entire international school recruiting process from beginning to end.

Recruiting – from vacancy to short list

The international teacher recruiting process begins with attracting highly qualified candidates. We feature the schools that we work with on our website as well as across a wide range of the world’s top job boards. Our social media channels are leveraged to actively engage and approach highly qualified teachers.   In addition, we use Applicant Tracking Software (HireHive) to help manage and grow our database of professionally qualified international teachers. Schools can also use this amazing recruiting tool – try it for free HERE

When we actively source and receive teacher applications and we carefully screen applicants based on each school’s individual requirements (qualifications, experience, document collection references…).  Then we engage each candidate in an initial face-to-face interview to determine which school the candidate would be the best fit for.

Finally we recommend a short list of top teacher candidates for an interview with the school. This system results in a very high ‘interview to hire’ ratio for schools we work with.  Less work and better results for the schools we work with.

Pre-Boarding: from offer to arrival

Once the candidate is offered and accepts a position, our job is not done. The decision to take a new teaching job in a new country can be extremely stressful.  Similar to buying a new house, teachers who change jobs can experience a type of ‘buyers remorse’.  Making a major life decision like moving to a new country can result in feelings of regret, trepidation, uncertainty… 

At Byron Recruitment we support and guide teachers and their families through this period of uncertainty.  We are proactive, reaching out to provide information about living and working in their new school / country. We listen and respond to all of their questions and concerns in order to keep them focused and excited about their eventual move to their new school. Sometimes this can take up to 8 or 9 months.  It’s a time period that many schools and recruiters fail to recognize as an important step when recruiting international teachers. It is key to ensuring great candidates actually arrive on campus and become great teachers.

On-Boarding: from arrival on-wards

Once the candidate arrives on campus, Byron Recruitment will continue to be in touch with both the school and the candidate for the first few weeks. We want to make sure that the teacher is settling in to their new environment and remains a good fit for the school.  Most of the time we step back a little at this point. But Byron Recruitment can also help schools hone their Teacher On-Boarding process – both at school and at home.  Establishing and following a proven on-boarding routine with each new teacher will result in higher employee satisfaction and better in class performance. In the end this will result in lower turnover of staff and significant cost savings over time for the school.

If you are a school interested in learning more about Byron Recruitment and our international school recruiting services, please visit us at www.byronrecruitment.com/for-schools

If you are a teacher looking for a new adventure and international teaching experience, please visit us at www.byronrecruitment.com/open-roles/ or email your CV to teachers@byronrecruitment.com

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